Engineering company Vostok present the project of modernization of diesel locomotive into electric (LOCOBATT), powered by batteries


The era of the hydrocarbon passes. This occurs gradually with the appearance of new technological solutions. In the transition to autonomous electric actuator, the main technological problem is energy storage systems. Today already exist storage elements enabling to obtain the minimum necessary energy reserves for solving transport problems.

Improvement of technologies for the production of clean energy and its storage are developing fairly quickly. Almost every year the technical indicators are doubled and the cost decreases. This suggests that we will see a revolution in the transport industry in the next 5 years. It could happen more quickly, but the process is limited by the need for renovation the technological processes of production facilities, which is costly and takes a long time.

Undoubtedly, all these issues must be taken into account by professionals responsible for strategic planning at the level of industries and enterprises. Also, these issues can't be ignored by investors. The most effective to invest in technologies and technical solutions that will be a major trend in the next 20-30 years. In the locomotive sphere such trend is the emergence and development of autonomous battery-electric traction. The first steps in this direction will be made through the modernization of outdated models of diesel locomotives with electric transmission into battery-electric locomotives. It provides a number of significant advantages in operation:

  • There is no need for further electrification of railways;
  • Significant reduction of costs through the complete elimination of infrastructure and staff associated with fuels and lubricants. Thereby — reduction of fire hazard;
  • Elimination of costs related with systems of fuel theft prevention;
  • No necessity to replace the chassis, and consequently there is no need for its testing, which saves time and money;
  • Reduction of qualified maintenance staff due to significant reduction of components and assemblies in the locomotive requiring maintenance and repair;
  • Ability to switch from planned to condition based maintenance through the application of remote monitoring and diagnostic system for locomotives;
  • Significant reduction of product life-cycle costing.

Improvement of the efficiency in the exploitation of the battery-electric rolling stock can be achieved also through implementation of effective solutions at railway stations and depots, such as providing them with equipment for production of clean energy from the sun, wind, etc.

Based on the above facts, the experts of Engineering company «Vostok» have created a conceptual project for modernization of shunting diesel locomotive ЧМЭ-3 into electrical, which feeds from accumulator battery. We choose this locomotive due to the high prevalence in Eastern Europe markets. Relying on this solution, we developed basic methodological principles for the implementation of similar projects using Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) that will speed up the process of modernization of other types of diesel locomotives.

We invite interested companies to cooperation. We guarantee a customized solution for each client, considering to the specific exploitation conditions of locomotives.