Dear Sirs!

Our company is a young and rapidly developing center in the field of engineering for general machine building enterprises, railway industry. Our successful experience in cooperation with European companies in a number of international railway projects, intensive staff training, and the introduction of advanced design technology and project management works for our customers. We offer you to consider possible cooperation in the following areas:

  1. Outsourcing services in the design of individual units, aggregates and construction of rail transport, ships, General Machine Building products.
  2. Modernization of electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, a special railway equipment, the wagons and other rail transport to the customer's specifications.

Our qualifying features include the following tools and services:

  1. The development 3D and 2D design documentation on the basis of software system Creo 2.0 \ 3.0 of PTC company.
  2. Execution of calculations of static, dynamic, thermal and others.
  3. Expertise of projects for compliance with the CIS standards and regulations in the railway sector.
  4. Execution of works in engineering modeling systems based on SysML software.
  5. The remote design support.
  6. Subcontracting in various engineering projects
  7. Development of electronic, interactive catalogs of products, as well as repair and maintenance documentation.